Our Policies

Here at WriteRevolution, we always hope for 100% satisfaction with our customers. This is why we have some different policies and terms we would like everyone to follow. To ensure this 100% satisfaction, we really highly suggest you read over all our policies. 

Thanks,   The WriteRevolution Team

Here at WriteRevolution, we follow a strict refund policy. To ensure 100% satisfaction with our clients, we ask that you read over this policy. Yes, we do offer a refund policy, the policy states: If a client does not receive their writing within 5 days of the purchase, the client will receive 100% of their money back. We reserve the right to NOT always guarantee a refund (Exemption Above). If a customer deemed unsatisfied, please read over policy #2.

2. Satisfaction Policy

We do always want our clients to be satisfied with our work, but sometimes it may not always work out that way. If a customer deems unsatisfied, we will always try to work something out. We will NOT guarantee a refund, but we could still refund if necessary. WriteRevolution, will always guarantee a different fully re-written piece of writing, until our client(s) are fully satisfied.

3. Cancellation Policy 

Cancelling a membership or subscription can be done at anytime. On our end, we reserve the write to cancel anyone subscription at any moment. As a client, once again you do also reserve the right to cancel a subscription at any time. When a subscription has been cancelled, the posts or copy, following the cancellation for that month will not be sent. If cancelled, any previous posts or copy from that current month will not be deleted.

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All policies can be subject to change, we highly encourage our client(s) to always regularly check our policies.
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